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Mood disorders are psychiatric conditions characterized by abrupt and unexpected changes in the mood of the patient. Although experiencing mood swing every now and then is fairly normal, experiencing rapidly shifting and strong emotions on a repeated basis can signify the onset of a mood disorder. In any case, these swings can be uncontrollable and sudden.

The team of expert psychologists and psychiatrists at the British Neurology & Psychiatry Center hold extensive experience in providing treatment of mood disorders in Abu Dhabi. With their qualifications, experience and expertise, our team is in the position to provider customized treatment options to their patients to deliver the best possible results, irrespective of the complexity of their condition.

Visit The Best Mood Disorders Doctors In Abu Dhabi At Our Facility

There are many different types of mood disorders experienced by people these days. Each of these are characterized by a range of unique symptoms. The range of disorders that we can treat at our facility includes, but is not limited to:

  • Major depressive disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Mixed mood states
  • Borderline personality disorder

Upon visiting our facility, our team of highly qualified psychiatrist and psychologists will conduct a detailed assessment of your medical history and symptoms. This is done in order to formulate a customized treatment plan focused on fixing the underlying issues that are triggering the said symptoms. There is no one size fits all approach at our facility, and every single patient is treated through a bespoke, comprehensive treatment plan. To complement the therapy, specialized medication may also be used.

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