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Panic attacks are a state of intense fear that triggers a range of symptoms, including nausea, chest pain, numbness, flashing vision, and in some cases, a feeling of immediate death. For some, these feel like an unthinkable and inexplicable traumatic event that has come to life.

During the attack, it is typical for biological and psychological mechanisms to interact and reinforce each other. These are triggered by specific psychological circumstances that are not known to the patient as well. At the British Neurology & Psychiatry Center, we realize that experiencing frequent panic attacks can prove to be an extremely distressing event. It has the potential to make individuals become socially withdrawn. It is for this reason that we offer extensive help with the treatment and prevention of panic attacks. Through our comprehensive panic disorder treatment in Abu Dhabi, patients regain control and continue living the healthy and fulfilling lives that they deserve.

Gain Easy Access To Panic Attack Medication In Abu Dhabi And Get Back To The Life You Deserve

The team of specialized psychologists and psychiatrists at the British Neurology & Psychiatry Center boasts of extensive experience in treating panic attacks using some of the best tried and tested methods. We believe that every single patient has a different approach to panic attacks, which is why we offer bespoke, customized treatment plans using a range of approaches, including therapy and medication.

Our specialists will determine the underlying causes of your condition, and then employ established treatments to deliver the most desirable results. Our approaches to treatment include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and medication.

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