Our team consists of a number of professional of a highly qualified consultants and specialists in psychiatry/psychology and neurology. With over 10-25 years of experience along with the use of the latest treatment methods, our doctors are delightedly willing to offer a very attentive service to our valued patients.

Our team is trained and experienced in dealing with a wide range of cases, based on the diagnosis of each one of which, a specific treatment is given to the patient.

Our team also believes that confidentiality is an integral component of the doctor-patient relationship and is an essential part of the treatment.

The Psychiatrists and Psychologists Team: (child and adult):

Our team of the finest, qualified and most experienced psychiatrists and psychologists are dedicated to use the best empathic approaches to ensure that our patients have a one-of-a-kind life experience. As mental disorders are complicated by nature, our licensed psychiatrists and psychologists provide clinical care to our patients using multidisciplinary treatment methods. Our team is also prepared to deal with various ages including children and/or adults either individually or within a group-based setting where the involvement of parents become a part of the treatment.

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